Why “Stories” Will Dominate Social Media in 2019

With the announcement of YouTube Stories, Facebook’s recent shift in getting more users to view its own somewhat neglected Stories feature, and Instagram’s scandalously effective move of completely ripping off Snapchat’s Stories experience blow-for-blow, — which started this all, by the way — we thought we’d take a step back to look at why we believe Stories blew up in 2018 and why they’ll dominate social media in 2019.

Why Stories Blew Up in 2018

It didn’t start in 2018, but because of Instagram’s Stories rollout in the second half of 2017 this was the year Stories moved into the larger cultural conversation. It’s not hard to understand why things turned out this way. Snapchat’s ephemeral proto-Stories appeal was in full swing a few years ago, but it really only worked on a large scale with Gen Z and the younger half of Millennial users. Older people liked it, too, but found Snapchat’s interface to be confusing, so they opted to stay in familiar territory with Facebook and Instagram. Instagram got the clue and rolled out its Stories in 2017 to instant success. And since using the platform was easy, it became nearly everyone’s favorite new social media tool at a rapid clip.

Why People Adopted Stories So Eagerly