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MtM Agency

MtM Agency (Method to Madness) was earlier known as Big Klick

SEO Services to help you reach the top of Google!

Boost your search engine optimization now! 


The first place to start when coming up with an

SEO strategy for a website is an SEO website audit.

That way, you can get a good overview on exactly

what is doing well/badly on your website, SEO-wise.


In the SEO audit, you will learn about what keywords

your site is already ranking for, what backlinks are

pointing towards your site and how your site is

performing in a technical sense. The SEO essentials

will be checked and advice on how to fix them

will also be given.


The end of the audit will provide an SEO strategy or

plan of action

for how to proceed based on the audit results.


Most people are aware that keywords are a key element in your

site’s SEO performance. However, they are not aware of exactly

how they affect the site’s ranking. Also, what you think may be the

right keywords for optimal search engine optimization may not be



We perform extensive keyword research on your site and your

industry to find out exactly what are the optimal keywords for your

business. Search engine optimization is heavily affected by keywords,

so once we have produced our research, we can also help you use

these keywords correctly to get the most out of your SEO.


Good content is always going to be a key factor in your SEO.

No-one is going to visit your website if you have poor content.

So, one of the main services we offer is content optimization.


We have professional copywriting services that ensure your

website content sounds professional, reflects your company’s

brand and uses the keywords optimally.


Don’t forget, video marketing is very popular these days and

video optimization is also key to helping your SEO.


At the end of the day, the more people that visit your website, the higher you rank in search engines such as Google. So, link building is going to improve your SEO. However, you don’t want any old backlinks to be created, as they could, in fact, hurt your SEO. You want quality backlinks which help generate leads for your company.


London Creative Designs only uses White Hat SEO techniques to create quality backlinks that will point back to your website and help you build towards your search engine optimization.

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