What does coronavirus mean for brands on social media?

A make-or-break moment

The coronavirus pandemic represents uncharted territory for businesses. Companies are being challenged on multiple levels: consumers are asking questions not just about their advertising, but also about their core values, how they treat their employees and factory workers, and how they’re contributing to the cause.

Modern consumers are savvy. They demand transparency and they see through posturing. As social specialists, brands sit close to culture and are exposed to feedback and critique. Social media provides consumers with a direct line to brands, and consumers are using that to question and challenge us.

While businesses are under scrutiny, the coronavirus pandemic also offers an opportunity for brands to rise to the occasion and make a memorable impact.

Should we go dark?

Under immense pressure to deliver, some brands are going dark on social.

However, unless the inherent nature of your product puts your brand at risk of coming across as insensitive, opportunistic or profiteering, we do not recommend going dark.

Instead, tak