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Know our CEO Plaban Bagchi and his breathtaking photography

Photographing children can be considered one of phography’s most difficult feats as your subjects can tend to be as shy as a butterfly. However, they have almost never shied away from Plaban Bagchi A.K.A. Kevin, our CEO. Therefore, whenever he has a chance of photographing kids, lo and behold they pose instead of running away.

Plaban Bagchi (Pen name-Kevin) our CEO, is an award winning, Delhi based photographer and filmmaker with an innate attachment towards documenting childhood and working with children. Currently, also giving time as the COO of a Canadian social enterprise working in Delhi for creative education for children from under-served

communities, he has spent more than 10 years working for children nationally and internationally with several esteemed social organizations such as UNICEF, CARE, BBC,

Save The Children and many more. In these organizations, he has not only shot children but has also taught photography to them, empowering them with this beautiful art of self expression and realization. Legend has it that he once, while shooting for BBC in war torn Somalia, taught a group of young kids in recovery, how to play football without even knowing their language. He then went on to teach them photography (despite the severe language barrier) and even kept a small exhibition of their work in their settlement, hanging their photographs on barbed wires spun around to dry clothes.

He even ran a non-profit initiative Big Klick Media School for teaching talented youth from under-served communities the skill of photography and proudly boasts of all his

students being gainfully employed with his art form today. Big Klick Media School also went on to be awarded the Rex Karamveer Chakra (initiated by UNESCO).

Having won at several international film festivals, his zeal to capture innocence through his lens has taken him places.

His best collection by far, however, is his tryst with exploring childhoods in Bhutan. Enthralled with Bhutan's concept of Gross National Happiness, Kevin went with a very dear friend from Bhutan, Mr. Pranit Katwal, an avid photographer himself and ex-cricketer of the Bhutan National Team, to explore this beautiful kingdom of happiness. He wanted to see how this mystical country raises its children that they grow up to be a part of happy nation. What ensued was a collection of breathtaking innocence and beauty. If the world should raise their kids, they should raise it like Bhutan. Kevin went on to capture innocence in several other Indian states as well, a curation of which you can find below.

You can look at his work on his website. Look for Bhutan in there.

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