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Fantastic Beasts - Crimes of Grindlewald Trailer reaction, Breakdown, Observations and Easter Eggs.

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Exclusive trailers are the best gift of Comic Cons. Will not be mentioning all the various fan theories going around to keep this influence free. Wanted to put this out way sooner but what a better day than J.K. Rowling's and Harry Potter's birthday to release this.

Watch the trailer here before we dive in!

Alright, lets go!

Home! Our beautiful home!

The trailer opens with a reminiscent music and our dear old school Hogwarts! I am home!

WHAT? Oh my god, so many things! We are back to DADA! Is this foreshadowing that the bond Newt and Dumbledore share is the same as Harry and Lupin's? Before this shot, Newt is also heard saying, "I am scared Professor Dumbledore." Remember Harry said the same to Lupin in his third year? I am liking this! Also didn't Dumbledore teach transfiguration and not DADA? Is he subbing? Why are they revising old information? I hope they are not. So yes, he is just filling in.

Look at Newt! Isn't he adorable? Still maintaining his classic lack of eye contact and the whispering tone of older newt's conversations! And DAAYUM Dumbledore is hot! In all my years of the Wizarding world, never have I seen someone tuck away his wand like that. You have to understand how brilliant it is, since a wizard always keeps his wand at the ready, or at least somewhere he can grab it easily. They do it just out of habit. But Mr. Wulfric Brian here is so fast in his magic that he would rather feel more comfortable with his hands in his pocket! That, my friends, is our phenomenal Albus for you. Also, I am hella curious to see what Newt's Boggart would be.

Oh my god! This is just so adorable! What Mr. Scamander fears the most is...having to work in an office! Same brother! Don't we all! But on a serious note, its just perfect for someone who grew up to travel across the world looking for magical creatures. Beautiful window in to a character I very much love. (SIDENOTE - Watch this beautiful analysis of Newt's Character by the Pop Culture Detective here.)

Girl in Slytherin robes? Leta Lestrange?

Wow! Some beautiful new magic! That too in a circus! I can only imagine what Jo would

do with that. Lets not forget this is way in the past! There is a lot of fun she can have with this one in a period setting.

Tina is here! My brave female Auror! But notice the statue's hand? It's moving it's drapes as if giving her something it has hidden there. The look on Tina's face seems that way too, as if she is doing something she is not suppose to. Interesting.

Grindlewald is setting up the stage for the "Greater Good" while CREDENCE is BACK! He is obviously underground and internalising whatever he is feeling, even while reading those weird circus posters. Dont internalise dude! You know what happens when you do that!

Ah! The deluminator is back! #Nostalgia

Hmmm...Grindlewald's hair has grown since we last saw him. Meaning, sometime has passed since we left Newt last. Also MACUSA's prison can not hold this guy! The one who will go on to create Nurmengard.

PARIS! Oh my god! I want to see what they would do to the Eiffel Tower! That would be one heck of a spot to do some crazy magic!

And here is it! Death Eater Seniors and future Death Eater families! Also, is she holding a skull? And is she the fabled Vinda Rosier? You know who the Rosiers are dont you? Pure Bloods!

Oohh! The feels!

There you go! Eiffel Tower! Just as I wanted! Is that The Maledictus? Oh boy this is going to be great!

Queenie! I think I love her the most! Well I love almost everyone the most! But been a Sudol fan since A Fine Frenzy.

OOOooo! Nice piece of magic! But to those without Hogwarts Library, it is a magical creature actually (Doing my Hermione voice). Looks like the Living Shroud, also known as The Lethifold.

I know Credence is lethal and all, but I like that kid, just like Newt did and I hate that he is tied up with Grindlewald, who also happens to have a vision about him. Poor Credence. Also, this is a new kind of magical vision. I want to know more about this. Also, Grindlewald's eye! Whats the story there? Did he get it in that duel with Albus and Aberforth? I would have liked it if he lived with a permanent injury from that duel too. Dumbledore carried more from it than just a crooked nose.

New people!

That's her! The Maledictus! What is she doing with an Obscurial! This is not a good combination! And I mean that in a good way!

Whoa! What are those? Kneazles? Always thought they would be fluffier! May be not!

London baby! And a levitating, sentient, trustworthy portkey? Pointing towards St. Paul's Cathedral! Take me by my hand! Notice the tiny Dumbledore waving his hat in the distance?

Is that? Did you just? The MIRROR OF ERISED??? Oh my poor Dumbledore. He still wants Grindlewald! The love of his life. This is breaking my heart! Never forget what Harry thought Dumbledore might have seen in the mirror and now this!? This is twisted.

So Dumbledore tells Newt he has to move against Grindlewald because he himself can't do so. Why? Because of the mirror? Also, he doesn't explain anything, he just charmingly walks away since it is too late at night anyway...

...and then apparates!