Pixar: Lifted

Well, these Pixar shorts are always such a delight before any Pixar movie (yes, even the Olaf one for me in Coco :-) This time I pen down my notes for Pixar’s Lifted. It’s written for the screen and directed by Gary Rydstrom.

Here is the video link: https://youtu.be/58Na0-C1e2U?t=21/ I seriously hope this link is not pulled down by Disney from YouTube.

Descriptions follow the pictures. Read pictures in rows from left to right. 

[1] We begin by the Pixar lamp hopping into the frame from the right. It hops to between ‘P’ and ‘I’, turns to look at the ‘I’, jumps over it and squeezes it below it. The lamp turns to us. [2] The lamp face dissolves into a fool full moon, night. Night cricket foleys. [3] We pan down slowly. The title ‘L I F T E D’ appears in bluish light beam colour with a soft glow. [4] We pan down. The title disappears as it hits the horizon. [5] The pan comes to a stop to reveal an isolated house, a tree and a windmill, a mailbox, out in nowhere. A BEAT.