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How to Manage your Social Media in a Crisis

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

How to Manage your Social Media in a Crisis

The world is currently facing an unprecedented crisis with the outbreak of COVID-19 and India is locked down for 21 days. For businesses everywhere, we are looking to each other for how we should be responding from a marketing perspective, we are hoping to provide some insights on how to manage your social media in a crisis.

With the current situation across the globe, you’d be forgiven for considering your marketing as an area for potentially cutting back and saving money – but actually, this is the perfect time to up your social media and content games. 

Here are our top five reasons why you should definitely be using this as a time to double down on marketing, not reduce it.

Increase in Social Media Usage

With more people needing to isolate themselves every day, digital communication is the key to staying in touch with everyone; friends, family, regular customers and brand fans will all be scrolling through the biggest platforms, trying to catch up with the news and stay connected. There’s never been a bigger captive audience at your fingertips – anything you choose to put out now will be seen by more people than ever before.

Demonstrating Support for Local Business

If you’re a small business, it’s the ideal time to come together and support fellow local companies – if the Covid-19 crisis has shown us anything, it’s that there is a brilliant sense of community unfolding. Retail and hospitality businesses are going to be amongst the hardest hit – use this time to promote sales of gift cards, so customers can support you now and still have something to look forward to once the situation has passed.

Communication with Customers in an Uncertain Time

This is the time when you need to increase your online communication, not take a step backward; use your social channels to keep customers and clients informed of opening hours, services and any changes to your usual business practices. A lot of people will be searching quickly for information on your company, so make it readily available for them.

Surpassing Competition If you were considering pausing y
our marketing, chances are your competitors may have had the same thought. This is a golden and rare opportunity to actually surpass the competition by continuing your marketing and using this as a time to show your business in the best possible light. More than this, the drop off in social advertising spend will likely lead to cheaper results through your social ads. Perhaps this would be a good time to run growth advertising and build a larger following at a fraction of the cost?

Potential Extra Time

If you’re finding business a little slow, and you’ve got some extra time on your hands, why not take advantage and get to grips with some new content marketing tools? There are plenty of apps and software out there designed to help to grab that audience, harness the power of SEO and make a spectacular Instagram feed – and the best news is that many of them are free! Have a browse online, download a few and play around! Everything is up in the air – so why not use this as a time to test different strategies? Try out new keywords in your website copy, test out email marketing, and have a play around with new product photography styles to see how they perform on social media – if it works, great! If it doesn’t, then you’ve learned something valuable about which direction your marketing should be going in. 

Whatever you decide to do with your marketing during this rather scary time, we are here to support you. More than ever, businesses need each other to get through this time, so we’re more than happy to provide any support we can help you manage your social media in a crisis. Stay safe out there

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