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How to keep marketing your business through coronavirus

There is no doubt, it is an anxious time at the moment and there is a lot of fear running through society around COVID-19 / Coronavirus. Within the business community the fear is centered around how this affects the economy and business in general. Many business owners and decision makers would be thinking:

– How will my business pull through this?

– Most of my customers’ minds are tied up with recent events…What are my next steps to ensure we are still being listened to as an organisation by the market?

– If the economy goes down, how will customers be able to afford my products or services?

Firstly, let me just say, I hear you!

But there is a way to accelerate business during this time. And during these moments, overall  communication around your business needs to increase and expand. Not contract and become apathetic to these events.

For many, this situation can offer an opportunity for businesses who continue to follow core business fundamentals that have been exhibited by successful organisations through previous tough times. Those fundamentals are to continue communicating no matter what and while others in your industry or in the economy as a whole, may be slowing down – having your communication efforts ramp up during this time will see you come out the other end in a stronger position.

To continue to communicate about your business to key target audiences is the most important thing a business leadership team can do. Communication and continuing to remind the public that you are still around to help them with your products and services is of extreme importance. Here are some points to consider during this time, in maintaining a strong flow of communication to your target audiences:

– Use digital channels as a way to place your business in front of key target audiences. As people are bunkering down or looking to media sources for more information on recent events, this can be a location of touch points for your key audiences with your services, brand or products. Ensure your message is still out there.

– Social Media would be the most powerful digital channel available right now for marketing. As people are communicating around the situation, there has been a large spike in user activity on social media in recent days. Social media is being used as a megaphone for announcements and news relating to the Coronavirus.

– Continue your email marketing strategy. Amplify your communications over email and continue to add value. Your users are using their digital devices today to stay connected more than ever before, so you need to really stay abreast of all digital channels and email is fantastic.


– Make sure you are aware of the sensitivities of your audiences, understand them, and don’t state anything too brash or self-promoting to audiences.

– Ensure you continue to deliver value and be a terminal that acts as a thought leader for audiences moving forward.

– Communicate more, not less. Keep up your touch-points with your audiences. Make sure you are still being seen and that they know you are still around.

– Be a valuable contact in a time of need. Genuinely, be there for your client base and your prospects to assist.

At the end of the day, business is here to help others through the distribution of great products and services. Make sure you are continuing to be valuable to your audiences through good communication and having your communication strategy amplified not slowed down.

Social media and digital is a fantastic way to continue to have your audiences see and hear your through touch points with your business, while events continue.

Keep communicating, keep promoting and keep adding value!

If you need help around this and putting an effective social media communication strategy together, please let me know. Attention Experts, the social media agency I founded, is now Australia’s number rated social media agency on Facebook. .

Please get in touch at – I’d love to hear from you!

I wish everyone well during this time.

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