How 'Social Influencers'​ Are Changing The Marketing Game.

We’ve all seen it, you go onto Instagram and there will be a celebrity you follow sat drinking Bootea telling you this is how they stay in shape. The times are changing, we now live in an age where everything is accessible online  - we can see exactly what our peers are up to just through social media. 

This leads to a change in buying habits. Rather than looking at brands, consumers are looking at what fellow consumers are buying and doing. Resulting in a decision-making process that is changing.

As a brand, this is something that we should embrace,  it is another channel that we are able to exploit. There are so many social influencers for all different industries allowing you to pinpoint those that you want to work with, ensuring you are appealing to your target audience.

With more and more brands using it, why exactly is it that influencer marketing is becoming so popular?