How and why your marketing messages should change during Cornavirus

In our current state of uncertainty, it can be hard to know how to tailor marketing messages. Here are some advice on how to navigate your marketing messages around the Coronavirus with both empathy and consistency.

Marketing in different economic situations

Let’s start by asking ‘is it important to factor in the state of the economy when coming up with effective marketing messages?’ This entirely relies on whether you need to change the way you position yourself and your products depending on the state of the market. In response to the Coronavirus, the answer for all but the very few, is a resounding ‘yes’.

Right now, business is far from ‘usual’ and  spending has significantly slowed. No one will thank you for thoughtlessly pushing products and services that aren’t needed. However, at B2B Marketing we’re conducting daily social listening and have found that after a quick flicker of distaste, people are no longer condemning those actively marketing their businesses - so long as t