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Five Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy Instagram Followers

Five Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy Instagram Followers

Five Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy Instagram Followers

Every brand, big or small, wants one thing on social media: more followers. But is buying followers really worth it? Below we reveal all of the reasons why buying fake followers can do more harm than good.

Fake Followers Lower Engagement

Purchased followers are most likely bots or inactive accounts, so they won’t engage with your posts. It always looks suspicious when an account has 30k followers but only generates 100 likes on average per post (that’s less than a 1% engagement rate).

The Instagram Algorithm Won't Show Your Content

Because of the way that the Instagram algorithm works, fake followers will impact organic engagements. If your engagement level is too low in relation to your total followers, it will become less and less likely that your content will appear in the timelines of your real followers.

Fake Followers Can Ruin Brand Integrity

Buying followers can really damage your brand's reputation; nothing looks more deceitful than genuine customers discovering your followers are all fake. If your content is engaging and authentic, your real followers will help your profile to grow organically.

Fake Instagram Followers Skew Metrics

It’s almost impossible to measure how well your followers are responding to your content if a large percentage of them aren't real. If you don’t know how well your posts are performing, how will you ever be able convert your Instagram followers into real customers?

Fake Followers Are a Waste of Money

Instead of wasting your money on fake followers, focus on building genuine relationships with a real audience. Partnering with micro influencers is a great start - they typically have a higher engagement rate than celebrities and big name bloggers and are relatively cheap to work with.

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