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Captain America: Winter Soldier

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Avengers! Why wont you assemble?

Director: Russo Brothers

Writers: Joe Simon, Jack Kirby

Stars: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson

(Anyone else feels Nick Fury is fucking bad ass but cant handle a solo film? Such a waste.) Anyway lets get to the review. NICK FURY IS A FUCKING BAD ASS, BACK WIDOW IS MY IDOL and CAPTAIN AMERICA IS THE BEST AVENGER (until Tony Stark offers a snide comment and I become a slut for Stark). You see this is what I love about Steve Rogers. He is always grounded, seeks the greater good, has higher principles and morals and gives people a second chance. He is the greater fool. But since he is our hero, he shall not fail. And that is what I love about films. The good guy hardly ever fails here.

I am going to be fair and judge this film as a super hero film and not like how I dismissed Oceans 11 (in my defence, I did compare it with other heist films). However, and fellow nerds hate me for this, The Dark Knight is a superhero film and so is Logan. So it’s a steep hill. 'Ere goes. I wont waste your time and declare right away: in comparison to its peers which is a fair comparison, this film is average even though it has bad ass characters.

Its just a token film on the table to get this new character in for the next Avengers' Film, although, the directors have not treated it as a token film. It is clear the film makers like Steve Rogers and want to do him justice. The film has all the moments you need to make your ego gloat for your protagonist. It has enough moments to make your ego gloat for his squad as well. But where all solo Avengers' Films fall short in place of the ensemble Avengers’ is the villain. While in Avengers, you save the world; in solo walks, you save something but just not the world. And the audience is becoming more and more blood thirsty. We already broke Joss Whedon. Anyway, that being said, this film does have a global catastrophe going on and I still dont get why wont the Avengers assemble. I mean, HYDRA has over taken SHIELD. Nerd the fuck out and get me my Iron Patriot at least!

Oh the Winter Soldier is also there, but he is like that bad Deadpool in that bad Wolverine film. Side note - I will never forgive them for making such a terrible Sabertooth (Sorry Liev Schreiber). Anyway, back to the Winter Soldier. He has a past and he is all broken. He is your pirated Wolverine and Steve is no Professor X. I am sorry, I love Captain America. I love how they have treated every character of this film but all I can say in the end is, "Please".

Again, I love all the characters and their bad assy skillset. But after a point, I need a plot compelling enough. Coz I got no more shizz to write for it. Yeah there is a flying guy but I don't know his story and him a fan too. Black widow fucks my life with her awesomeness but she ain't got no solo films. This one has all the dramatic stuff but give me a plot. A plot we need but do not deserve. The Dark Knight. Ok. Im outta here before someone hits me.

Love you Captain America.

RATING: 2.5/5

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