Are you Making These 4 Facebook Ad Mistakes?

Facebook is a fantastic platform that allows access to millions of people who may be interested in your product or services. Advertising through Facebook is a powerful tool, but it requires a bit of practice to learn how to effectively use it. Some aspects of the marketing features are easy to navigate, but other elements can be confusing and easily misused. You may not be targeting the correct audience or could be misinterpreting data.

We have learned exactly what works and what doesn’t through our own marketing trial and errors. Avoid these 4 common, rookie mistakes in order to get substantial results from your Facebook marketing campaign.

1. You are not Tailoring Your Ads for a Specific Audience

You should have a variety of different ads tailored to specific audiences based on their stage in the marketing process and their buying behavior. For example, a Facebook ad targeting someone who has never heard of your business should look different than an ad targeted to someone who spent time reading your website and visited your pricing page.

Some ads should attract and educate new customers. This type of ad should be more educational and should provide information about why your service or product would be beneficial. You might offer a free guide or resource that appeals to your target audience and explains the product/solution and why it’s important to them. You do not want to attempt to immediately sell something through