5 things you need to do on your website right now

Perfection doesn’t exist, so improvements can always be made. Intelligence can grow, physical abilities can be honed, and skills can be sharpened. This is also true for websites. The online world is one that is ever evolving. Advancements in search engine algorithms and technological progressions like mobile first indexing and voice search programs, are just a few examples of the factors affecting search engine rankings. Because of this fluctuating environment, the companies at the top of the SERP (search engine results page) ladder must compete to keep their position. And to compete, they must improve. First place today isn’t guaranteed tomorrow.

Here are five moves you should make to improve your website:

Get a digital audit

A digital audit is a study of your brand’s digital presence across six key areas: Reach, architecture, content, conversion, integration and measurement. Think of it as a r