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3 Tips For A Successful Influencer Outreach Approach

Does your brand wants to work with influencers, but you don’t know what to say to them? Or maybe you already are reaching out to influencers, but you aren’t having a very good response rate?

Use these three tips to improve your influencer outreach approach.

1. Make Them Want To Work With Your Brand

Your outreach to influencers might be the very first time they have ever heard of your brand. Take time to explain to them early on in your outreach how your brand and their audience collide. Point out similarities between your brand’s vision and their work to solidify their desire to work with your brand. Next, compliment their work! This is a must. Influencers, and all humans, respond well to positive affirmation. If you are asking them to work on behalf of your brand, that should mean you like something about what they do, so say it!

2. Be Clear About Compensation

Know ahead of time what you are willing to compensate an influencer based on their reach and general value to your brand. Then, when writing outreach copy, be clear and concise about how that compensation is fair for the work you are asking and the caliber of the influencer’s work and audience. Creating a win-win with compensation for both your brand and the influencer is the only way they will even continue readying your outreach message.

3. Provide Manageable Next Steps

Whether you send them to a website page, form or something else, make their next steps something that moves the process forward. If an influencer doesn’t have a next step other than responding to you, there is a good chance you will be moved to the bottom of their queue, which could delay your program and possibly affect their willingness to work with you at all. Momentum is key in keeping an influencer program afloat. Influencers are working with other brands, and yours can get easily lost in the process if you don’t give them the next steps in your initial outreach. Influencers want to work with your brand, but if your initial communication isn’t on point, it will deter them. Need more help with your influencer outreach approach? Contact us!

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