To The Wonder Film Review

The beautiful threads between Terrence Malick and Stanley Kubrick

To the wonder film review, Terrence Malick film review
To the wonder

Revered for his surreal cinematic storytelling, Terrence Malick is back (in just two years) with

his latest silver-screen offering “To the Wonder”. Famous for somewhat creating his own genre,Malick’s latest stays true to its dramatic core and artistic value, magnificently exploring the theme of love, with his organic style of visual imagery. The film begins in Paris and moves to Oklahoma with our principal characters Niel (Ben Affleck) and Maria (Olga Kurylenko), as we engulf with them into the innate purity of love, that we all experience at the threshold of becoming someone else’s, all the way up till that confounding stage of diluted passion. Malick’s emphatic story telling makes us undergo, accept and understand the loss of love, which is the central theme of this film. His style of storytelling, which is profoundly detailed yet ambiguous, does complete justice to this cinematic love letter called “To the Wonder”, which seems less like a “film” and more like a visual poetry.