Maximising your search engine presence for local areas

Anyone who has followed SEO strategies for any period of time will know that SEO is a dynamic entity, with the processes and best practices constantly changing. As such, when it comes to SMEs, it is more important than ever that you ensure your SEO works for your local area; the fluctuating nature of SEO can make it difficult to provide a continuous high ranking on a national scale. However, while ensuring your local SEO works for you can be a challenge, our experts at MTM Agency are well aware of the difficulties SMEs face, and as such, we have put together this short list of tips to help every business boost their local rankings.

1. Online reviews are key Many SME websites are conscious about site management and resources, and thus are likely to omit a reviews page. However, this is a fundamental mistake, as online reviews are key to improving your SEO ranking. Not only do search engine algorithms rank pages with higher reviews first, but these reviews can also be a great way of allowing customers to boost your pages with keywords organically.

2. Use online directories It is well worth ensuring that your business, and links to your website, are listed on local online directories. Websites such as Yelp and Citysearch are great ways of increasing the market exposure of your company, as well as increasing the number of times your company appears in conjunction with geographical keywords. It is often free and simple to get yourself listed, and will have a real impact on your SEO