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Building strong community ties

and fundraising assets 

Tiffin Community is a Canadian Non Profit working in India, promoting health and nutrition in Indian Communities with creative recipes.


Building a sense of belonging the community working with Tiffin Community

Fundraising assets for next fiscal year


Tiffin Community ran a Community Master chef competition amongst the students to spark more enthusiasm in the groups. Working in the marginal households of Delhi, we came up with a master solution to build strong community ties and fundraising assets with a singular, budget friendly - participatory media solution.

Visual Documentation of the stories from the community.

We went across the community and searched for the impact stories the organisation had had on their lives.

This intimate sharing with the families not just gave us visual documentation for fundraising but also strengthened the organisation's ties with the community for the coming years.



We even had a wonderful grand finale event, where all the participants were honoured with a Tiffin Branding Sashes and Certificates of achievements where they signed rolling pins for the existing funders.


A wonderful end to a beautiful campaign.


The campaign ended beautifully and Tiffin Community was able to fundraise successfully for their next year of awesomeness. 

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