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Waking Up Dreary Facebook Ads with Authentic Content

BLK RBT is an underground cocktail lounge in Calgary. Customers walk through a secret red door and down the stairs and are greeted into a prohibition-themed underground bar featuring bites, cocktails and snazzy beats.


  • Create hype around BLK RBT’s opening

  • Provide exposure on the URBA Network

  • Establish a digital identity and content strategy for BLK RBT’s social channels

  • Create lines at BLK RBT’s door on Friday and Saturday nights


To facilitate the launch of BLK RBT and to get Calgarians in the know of their secret location, URBA conducted multiple campaigns on it’s own platforms on both Facebook & Instagram.

MTM Agency generated a total of well over 51,000 views, 1200 likes, 615 comments and 444 shares effectively going viral given our only sphere of influence was within the MTM Agnency Network and there was no budget for advertising otherwise.


On Instagram, we rolled various campaigns including a video showcasing one of BLK RBT’s cocktails being made to showcase to our audience the level of detail that goes into one of their cocktails. With over 4,000 10-second views on 10,000 impressions (@DowntownChow at the time had a considerably smaller audience) and 156 comments, word of mouth starting happening.


With all the third party buzz happening on a bi-weekly basis while also growing and handling BLK RBT’s own social channels, lines starting forming at the red door.


Daniel Petros, an acting partner at BLK RBT has attributed an increase of over 30% in overall sales at BLK RBT since MTM Agency took over their digital marketing.


increase in New Customers


increase in Revenue



Instagram Followers


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