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LF The Brand


LF The Brand is a premium, lifestyle-oriented clothing brand based in Los Angeles. Launching as a unique collection by the team behind LF Stores—another hugely successful California-inspired fashion house—the brand engaged Kobe Digital to craft a digital campaign to coincide with the new line’s launch.


Launching with a brand new website, it was not a given that LF The Brand’s eCommerce site would rank first for organic searches. Nonetheless, organic visibility was extremely important to the brand; for campaigns such as this one, it’s critical to capture potential sales from branded searches as inexpensively as possible, and the ability to avoid incurring click costs from “low hanging fruit”—that is, users performing “branded” searches such as “shop lf the brand” or similar, high-intent keywords—plays a large role in ensuring a profitable launch.

With this in mind, our SEO experts worked to optimize as many on-page ranking factors as possible on the site prior to launch, following up with press releases and high-quality content placements to quickly build a robust backlink portfolio.

As a new line, it was imperative to create strong search engine visibility to maximize the efficacy of all advertising channels, whether online or offline. As a result, our team heavily emphasized optimization of on-page ranking signals while deploying a paid search campaign to ensure that no potential customer acquisition opportunities were lost in the meantime.


For social media users—particularly those in relevant demographic groups—it’s no secret that social networks are one of fashion advertisers’ favorite marketing channels. As a result, these users are constantly inundated with content from fashion brands, making it difficult for new advertisers in the space to make a splash.

This is especially difficult for small and mid-size advertisers such as LF The Brand, who often find themselves competing for the attention of the same users as large, well-established names with strong brand equity and deep pockets.

As a result, it was critical to be thoughtful with the targeting parameters used, emphasizing lifestyle-conscious, fashion-forward women in high-income urban areas when creating the initial target audiences for the campaign.

Additionally, remarketing to social media users who engaged with the initial content allowed the brand to remain top of mind of potential buyers, resulting in a continuous funnel that drove follow-up sales well after the line’s launch date


Since the brand’s website was completely new, there was no guarantee that it would be returned as the number one result for searches, regardless of if they were branded. Though our SEO team worked to mitigate this as much as possible by ensuring that on-page ranking factors were airtight and by using press releases and content placements to build quick backlinks, the process of ranking sites organically can only be accelerated so much.

To ensure that users who had learned about the new LF The Brand line—whether through online of offline advertising channels—were able to easily find the site and place an order, our paid search team deployed an AdWords strategy, carefully managing bids to strike a balance between profitability and maximum impression share.

This campaign would also serve to help the brand acquire new customers unfamiliar with the line but still shopping for items in the category. Given the premium pricing of the apparel, ads with pricing included were run via the Google Shopping Network to avoid click waste from sticker shock.


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