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CARMAR Denim is a Los-Angeles based premium denim brand that caters to the free-spirited generation of today. Known for its youthful styling, its California-inspired collection has gained massive popularity among young women all over the country.


After gaining a strong following in the Los Angeles area, CARMAR Denim knew that it was time to expand its reach on a national—and eventually global—scale. However, the brand’s premium pricing posed several concerns to management: would online customers around the country—where CARMAR did not enjoy the same levels of brand recognition as it did in Los Angeles—still pay top dollar for its premium denim offering? Was there enough online demand for premium denim in the face of lower-cost offerings with a more established online presence?

With it clear that the margin for error was razor thin, CARMAR reached out to MTM Agency for help building sales channels through paid search and social media from scratch.

Up against stiff competition from larger brands and more established competitors with lower-cost offerings, CARMAR denim knew that carving out a niche online for their premium offering would be a tall order.


There were two primary concerns going into the paid search campaign: first, that “branded” searches—such as “shop carmar denim” or buy carmar denim online”—would cannibalize organic search performance, causing the brand to needlessly pay for site visits that could otherwise have been generated for free; second, that the premium pricing could cause “sticker shock” among audiences unfamiliar with the brand, resulting in wasted click costs that never had a chance of becoming sales.

To mitigate these concerns, our paid search experts used extensive targeting techniques to filter audiences based on income (higher-income individuals would have lower price sensitivity) and interest in fashion and apparel (fashion enthusiasts would have a greater propensity to spend on clothing products).

Additionally, leveraging the Google Shopping Network allowed for pricing to be shown directly in the advertisement for any given item—reducing the risk of click waste due to sticker shock—while also providing exposure in “unbranded” searches, solving the any cannibalization issues and helping the brand gain a new following.


Social media users are flooded with content from fashion brands, and with good reason: clothing and apparel consistently ranks among top performing industries when it comes to advertising on social media.

However, with users constantly being inundated with content from clothing manufacturers and fashion brands—many with extremely strong brand equity and deep pockets—Individual advertisers may find it difficult to stand out.

With this in mind, our social media team made sure to create advertisements that were creative, relevant, and timely; by emphasizing fresh takes that were on-brand for CARMAR and aligned with events such as musical festivals—whose female attendees generally had considerable overlap with CARMAR’s customers—the social media campaigns experienced boosted engagement and delivered strong returns on ad spend.

Additionally, remarketing to social media users who engaged with the initial content allowed the brand to remain top of mind of potential buyers, resulting in follow-up sales.


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